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Arthylen, finalist in the startups BIND 4.0 acceleration program

Espacio y personas celebrando el encuentro BIND 4.0.

Arthylen has participated in the startup acceleration program of the Basque Industry 4.0 initiative, having been selected […]


Arthylen and the Food Bank Foundation in Barcelona

mercabarna foodytechArthylen is working with the Food Bank Foundation in Barcelona under the program MERCABARNA Food & Tech, in order to implement our technology in […]


Arthylen finalist in the first world competition gastronomic tourism startups

Arthylen has been a finalist in World competition startups gastronomic tourism held on May 3 in San Sebastian (Spain).

Arthylen has competed, representing Spain, along with four other startups from Italy, Japan, Israel and the Czech […]


Arthylen: mercabarna finalist in the program “food + tech” for food distribution startups

mercabarna foodytech Arthylen has been selected as one of the five finalist startups of the program that MERCABARNA organizes to promote the incorporation of […]


Arthylen, startup supported by the mentoring program for entrepreneurs of technological base of the Community of Madrid

Since last November 2018, Arthylen is one of the 13 entrepreneurial initiatives that are being supported by the Madrid + d Knowledge Foundation.

The Madrid + d Foundation […]