arthylen en iPad

How does it work

Recognition of products

Arthylen is the combination of several state-of-the-art technologies whose aim is to achieve with utmost precision, and instantaneously, the recognition of a product. With Arthylen not only we can identify what product is, but also its degree of maturity and other features that characterize it (damage, chafing, etc.).

What technology is behind this achievement?

arthylen how does it work

ordenación de lineales

Shelves’ organization

We have developed a management module (“Markerless” method) that allows to determine the 3D model that can be overlaid on the image that the camera of the device shows (mobile phone, glasses, helmet or tablet).

The user can pre-design the planning of the products using a virtual library of references, and on the view of a shelf or other furniture previously scanned, can be superimposed on the screen the corresponding references according to the criteria of the establishment.

  • Color combinations
  • Organization by sectors and levels

  • Complementarity of products

  • Preestablished template of distribution in shelves

The user can save that design, send it to another user in other store or establishment so that he can recover it and use it, or retrieve the data later.

Once the simulator has determined the model that fits best according to the criteria, the user overlays the 3D model on the real view of the camera. The camera identifies the scenery of the place (the furniture, the table, etc.) where the products will be organized; then it locates the 3D model accurately taking into consideration the measurements of the scanned scenery and the 3D model.

Unity has been the development tool used to configure our Planograms module.

Android is the application development software on the different devices: in our case on devices such as mobile phones, tablets, augmented reality glasses as “Moverio” and Tango devices.


Recognition of a product, its characteristics and maturity

The user, using a mobile device, can scan a fresh product in a store or supermarket. At that time the neural network accesses a database where the main references of that section…

are incorporated, identifies the type of product, identifies its degree of ripeness (green, optimal for consumption or over-ripped) and identifies, eventually, if that product has another circumstance affecting its characteristics (bumps, fungi, chafing, open wounds, crushings…). This whole process is done in milliseconds.

With this data a recommendation to the user is presented on the screen.

Design and organization of the product in furniture and shelves

diseño organización producto

The manager of a fresh product section can quickly and easily design the presentation of products in any furniture of the store, to be able afterwards to retrieve this…

design and to overlap it in real time to the furniture itself, in order to speed up the process of organization and presentation of the goods; moreover, the existing presentation can be compare with the proposed template so as to identify possible differences. Also, in the future, this module will incorporate recommendations related to basic rules of merchandising or to associated-combination of products (climacteric and not climacteric, for example).

Organization of tasks in store and warehouse

organización de tareas

Through the device the user can report in real time to his supervisors the fulfillment of the procedures and daily tasks assigned to him at the beginning of each shift, allowing the…

quality control of a network of establishments to supervise a great amount of critical tasks without the need of visiting each shop. When using devices with optics, the application itself may send along with the report of the checklist, images or data collected by the device itself about the situation of the merchandise exposed and managed in each store.

Information sheets for each reference

fichas interactivas

The user of the Arthylene technology has access to a complete information of each one of the products identified by the device, in the form of a synoptic sheet, which allows…

him to consult the product characteristics, recommendations of management and preservation of the product (in store, warehpuse or in the customer’s own refrigerator), presentation of the merchandise in store, commercial arguments for active sales processes and even recommendations of cross-selling or recipes that can be tested with such products.